Toucan Events

Join us for an artistic adventure where your child can dive into the spirit of the season and let your child craft their heart out.

Play with Friends

Ever wonder how TWO CAN PLAY? See how it works!

Toucan Parties

See the Toucan difference when you are able to relax while your toddler plays. Celebrate your little one birthday at Toucan Play.

A unique and safe indoor playground specifically for ages 5 and under. Let your toddler explore without fear or limits.

At Toucan Play, we provide learning through imaginative play and experimentation. We know each child has his or her own personality so we created a space for them to explore and play to their heart’s content.

Wondering how Toucan Play works? We explained it here!


Indoor Playground:
Wed. – Mon.: 10am – 6pm, Tue. Closed.
*Registration NOT required. View our holiday hours here.
Drop-in Care:
Saturdays,10am – 2pm
*Registration is required for drop in care.

*Note: Hours subject to change. Drop in care times may change. Follow our social for updated information.

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We know having a safe environment for children 5 years and under is key. Yet they strive for adventure and exploration. At Toucan Play, we are that and more.

Registration not required.


Once every week, we offer drop-in care so you can take care of you. When was the last time you were able to take a nap? It’s finally your time to have me time.

*Registration is required.


Finding peers is hard as a tiny human. This goes the same for regular humans. We provide classes and events to interact with peers.


Whether it’s a party for them or for us, we make it fun for all ages from dance parties to paint night with mimosas for parents while the kids play.

Benefits of Toucan Play


Let your kids release their massive amount of energy through play. We have different activities and toys to keep them entertained.


It’s time to breathe and take advantage of the free time you have. Because TWO CAN PLAY. It’s time to think about yourself for a bit.


Be prepared to finally sit back to relax without kids. You can finally schedule that spa or friend luncheon day for your own mental health.