birthday party

Two can party at toucan play

We realize that throwing a party is stressful. That’s why we, at Toucan Play, makes it easy for you to have a party for your little one!

What we provide:

  • A safe playground area for the kids to play
  • A customized name sign (which you can keep afterwards if you wish!) and happy birthday banner
  • Table covers for the table in the parent area

What you can do:

  • Decorate the whole space (yes! Even the playground area!)
  • Decorate the parent area and/or lobby
  • Bring food to feed your guests (don’t know what you want? Toucan’s owner is an event planner on the side, she can help!)

    What is your dream birthday party like? We are open to any and all ideas (piƱata anyone?)! Let’s create that special moment for your child together!


    • A guest list must be provided in advance (just of the kids playing)
    • All guest attending with a child would need to sign the waiver
    • All guest must have socks